Three and a half years ago, I opted out of the mid-life convertible and chose a move to Cape Cod as my personal crisis expression. A year and a half ago, I moved my now-87-year-old dad in with me from St. Louis. This blog reports on the life of a mid-age boomer who is a caregiver, self-employed writer, companion to two dogs and a cat – all in one of the prettiest places in the Western Hemisphere. Visit my website.

In January 2010, Paula Spann, writer of the New York Times’ blog The New Old Age ran a brief review of Life With Father – you can read it here.


3 Responses to “About Life With Father”

  1. Hi, I recently began keeping a blog about caring for my mother. Just a short while ago, I came across a mention of your blog on the “newoldage” New York Times blog, and read some of it, and liked it a lot. I would love to insert a link to your blog on mine, but can’t figure out the URL. Please send it to me. If your time permits, I would also love for you to take a look a my blog, and let me know what you think. Thank you! Amalia

  2. Michelle Majors Says:

    Hi– your writing and experience has been an inspiration to me today. I am in a similar situation and navigating through all these changes. The feelings you mention — what, someone ELSE is having these feelings as well? — it just made it a bit better. I’ll keep reading and looking forward to your posts. I am considering posting a blog myself, but don’t have the time right now. I’ll wish for you what I sometimes wish for, a quiet, non – medical drama free day.

  3. A Says:

    Just a note to say that I found you through NYT and appreciate what an excellent writer and human being you are. I’m nowhere near middle age, but I’m now on the brink of possibly needing to care for my mother. It’s sometimes hard to remember that this IS indeed the circle of life (though I have a feeling you might hate that expression), at least for anyone who is honorable. I wish you and your father well.

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