Actually, it’s my septic system that’s now a big hole in the ground. The heavy equipment, which looks like it just came off the Big Dig retired list, was fired up at about 8:30 this morning and is currently digging out the old tank. I’ll be very glad to have this job over and done with, so I can set about enjoying spring planting, but seeing the front yard turned into a 10-foot-deep trench is a little unsettling.

On a different note, an apology of sorts is owed to Mid-Cape Home Centers. Met with my new best friend Mike on Saturday to begin picking out bath fixtures. They don’t have any more floor displays than previously noted, but Mike does seem to know his stuff. The fact that I had to make an appointment several days in advance remains somewhat annoying, but I was pleased with the service he provided.

Saturday did have its low spots, however – specifically, walking into the basement/garage to find a 5-foot-wide pool of water spread out across the floor. The hot water heater, which had been threatening failure for years, I’m sure, had decided its time had come. The plumber was responsive enough when I called, and seemed sure he could get a replacement in by sometime today (Monday), but his cost estimate – $1,000 – consumed what little wind my sails were still holding. I’m beginning to feel like I’ll have rebuilt this house from the inside out by the time my renovations are complete.